Spotted at IFDC earlier this month – SPARROWS! (chirp)

Posted August 13, 2007




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Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, any of us feelin LUCKY?

Angry Sparrow: Not pertick’ly. How ‘bout you?

Tragic Plum: Oooh, I feel lucky just to be ALIVE… but that’s another story, ooooh



Buddha Girl: Maybe we get som’buddy to spot us a loan, an’ we try dis ting!



Buddha Girl: I dunno – all dis seafood on de screen – maybe dis not so lucky machine after all.

Angry Sparrow: Yehin’t dat kinda bird BAD luck?

Tragic Plum: Oh yes – I suspect anything that GETS eaten can’t be lucky… ooooh



Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, we break even – guess dat not so bad.

Angry Sparrow: We neider win some or lose some.

Tragic Plum: Yes, we’re neither broke or BROKEN… ooooh



Angry Sparrow: I don’ tink dis de Beach Boys.

Buddha Girl: Wat make you tink dat? Dey old, an’ not so good-lookin’ anymore, like dese galoots!

Tragic Plum: Maybe it’s just seaweed all over them… ooooh

(Editor’s note – the Beach Boys were playing at the hotel that weekend. Thankfully they didn’t have to hear any of this ^^)



Buddha Girl: Whoever dey are, dey play big ‘n loud, don’ dey?

Angry Sparrow: Can’ hear you ‘cause dey LOUD!

Tragic Plum: I think they’re missing a string… oooh….



Buddha Girl: Maybe we do better wit’ horses – which one you like to place?

Angry Sparrow: Annyplace but HERE.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh, don’t they have PONIES? They’d be more our size… ooooh



Buddha Girl: Eh, we go from sport’a KINGS to sport’a LUNKS. Wat in dis ball, anyway?

Angry Sparrow: Dunno – it won’ tell me.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, even a ball has secrets



Buddha Girl: Hey, maybe we make strike yet – where sister? We need her help pushindis ting.

Angry Sparrow: Dunno. Maybe she go get coffee?

Tragic Plum: OOOOOH, sisters, if you don’t stop the ball, I’ll never get you coffee again! Oooooh….



Angry Sparrow: Where sister again? Why she keep dis’pearin’?

Buddha Girl: Eh, dunno – she missin’ all de fun here. We shot buncha bad guys, didn’ we?



Tragic Plum: Oooooh… I didn’t know I was a BAD guy… I really  am on the wrong side of this game – ooooooh………



Tragic Plum: I’m sorry, sisters, but I really have to get out of here – before you shoot me down! Ooooooooh


NO Sparrows were harmed in this photoshoot, honest!


MANY thanks to ShellyL for scouting locations, and scrounging balloons in the bowling alley. In the interest of science, she found it takes 10 balloons to float a Sparrow to the ceiling!



Sometimes Tragic Plum just has to get away from it all…


In this story we find Black Violet impatiently waiting for Waramon to show up –


Someone’s wearing out the carpet…



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