Someone’s wearing out the carpet…

Posted August 15, 2007




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Black Violet: **pacing** Hmph!



Black Violet: Here I am, all dressed up, and no one to enjoy it… Waramon, you worm…



Varius: A pity, my dear, that your young man is missing out on a delightful sight –

Black Violet: **startled** Oh! No one was there a moment ago. Are you who I think you are?



Varius: I am -- Varius. From what little you said, I gather you have heard something of me. And I, in turn, have heard about you, and your journey to our abode. I know you were here to visit another, but I am always drawn to beauty in all its forms…



Black Violet: Since you put it that way, I’m glad to make your acquaintance. I’ve heard about you – though from what I can tell, you’re an elusive sort.

Varius: *chuckle* Yes… I prefer to remain discreet, unless – a compelling reason draws me out – like you, my dear.

Black Violet: I am known for having that effect *smile*.



Black Violet: And I am all for getting to know you  so much better… my, what a look in those eyes… don’t let me get too lost.

Varius: Ah, but sometimes one must get a little lost, if they are to discover new and wonderful things, don’t you think?

Black Violet: I don’t know if I’m lost yet, but I think I’m on to something wonderful here --!


Varius: And I find you have wonderful neck – which warrants a closer look… mmmm

Black Violet: *giggle* You’re on the right track…



Arsinoe: And who is your new plaything, Varius dear? Surely you didn’t mean to neglect introducing me.

Varius: All in good time, my sweet – we’ve only just made our introductions to one another. You know I can have no secrets from you.

Black Violet: Talk about sneaky! You two take the prize for sudden appearances *shudder*.



Arsinoe: My darling -- it’s merely my concern for you, that your inamoratas not harm you. Some mortals have such ulterior motives – and I would be triste  if something were to happen to you.

Varius: My dearest Arsinoe, I do not doubt you, after all these years, my most faithful companion. I never cease to be touched by your concern.

Black Violet: Don’t worry, hon, I’m no ordinary mortal – I am a wood nymph, so I’m not looking to get any more immortal, or do anyone in – at least him, anyway.



Arsinoe: Ah, another immortal – and a nymph, no less. Well I know of your kind, from the myths told by my old grandmother, for I am Greek. It has been many a year since I’ve seen any of the old legends. Are you scattered, like so many of us creatures?

Black Violet: Well, we were never much for writing home, anyway – since our postal system always had a hard time finding any permanent addresses for us. We flit here and there – you know how it is.



Arsinoe: Very well… for now I am satisfied. But do not think my guard is down. I would hate to have to demonstrate to you the sharpness of my teeth. Good evening. **exits**



Black Violet: *shiver* How did she do that -- ? I don’t scare that easily, but…

Varius: Arsinoe has always been a splendid administrator of the menacing threat, my dear. Even I do not know quite how she does it. It is one of the little mysteries about her that continues to intrigue me…



Varius: But for now, I prefer to be intrigued by you, Black Violet. I would hope you are still curious about me?

Black Violet: Nosy as all get out, really – let’s pick up where we left off -- ?



Varius: Why yes, dear, let us resume. Such a dainty neck, not to be dismissed – or the pretty head it supports…

Black Violet: Mmmm, you’re making it all wobbly – hold onto it, so it doesn’t get away…



Varius: Not to worry, my dear flower, I have a grasp on the situation… mmmm

Black Violet: *****! ...



**after a looooong pause**

Black Violet: Whoa… I feel a little lighter… by a quart… but I’m not complaining… !

Varius: I’ve not had any complaints yet...



That was a refreshing change of pace…


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