When Shulamith met Alec… (an IFDC romance)

Posted August 16, 2007 by beamlette and gayle




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(Author’s note -- pardon the photo quality – somehow I think it suits the dodgy nature of the story.)


Young Shulamith: *thinks* Hmmm, aren’t I taking the direct approach there…

Shulamith: You’re a tall drink of water, even sitting down – what’s your name?

Alec: My name is Alec, and yours?



Shulamith: Shulamith is what they call me. I don’t usually get any complaints. You promise not to start?

Alec: A lady as attractive as you are will get no complaints from me.



Young Shulamith: I think you’re losing your touch, honey. That’s not going to get you anywhere.

Alec: Hey now, kid, I don’t think it’s any of your business –

Shulamith: You heard what the man said – stay out of the big kids’ conversation –



Young Shulamith: Haven’t you heard that expression, “Out of the mouths of babes”?

Shulamith: Sometimes “babes” need to SHUT their mouths –

Alec: Chill out, kid.



Young Shulamith: I’ll show you who the REAL babe is here – hmmm, whatdya think, sailor? Toss that anchor ‘round your neck my way – I am DROWNING in those eyes –

Shulamith: *grumble-grumble-grumble*…

Alec: Maybe we should hook up after this dinner party.



Shulamith: I’ve had enough of this! Go heave-ho yourself in a life boat, and paddle on outta here – NOW!

Young Shulamith: You’re not the boss – ask the Captain here if I hafta go.

Alec: You have to go, NOW. 



Shulamith: Now where were we, dollface? Oh yes, how about a swim – I’ve got the suit, and you’ve got the lifejacket – not that we’ll need it *smile*.

Alec: I don't think we need saving.

Young Shulamith: *to self* What a lotta bilgewater -- !



Later that evening…

Where’s the new friend? Or is it the usual love ‘em and leave ‘em… ?


MANY thanks to Gayle for allowing her Alec to carry on with dear Shu, and providing his dialog.



Easy come, easy go…





Well, whaddaya know?...

Posted by Gavreau on August 16, 2007



Looks like I'm not the only one trying out a new hairstyle lately.

Shulamith... how do you feel about reliving a little bit of our history? And I don't just mean going back to more flattering hairstyles.

As for Alec... if that giraffe with a hyperactive thyroid didn't come back for you, he just doesn't know what's good.








Speak for yourself, hon...

Posted by Shulamith on August 16, 2007



I kinda like mine -- youthful, or whatever malarkey describes it. And... I kinda like yours, too -- I wouldn't mind running my fingers through it... among other things.

Sure, why not relive the glory days. Let me know where and when, babyface...


Regards and more,






You ARE looking delightfully... >>>

Posted by Gavreau on August 16, 2007


*youthful* there, honey. Like a piece of candy... How about we meet somewhere this weekend? I'll spring for your ticket.

Oh, by the way... be warned... I think it's shedding a bit. Or is it called molting??








Flattery will get you something... >>>

Posted by Shulamith on August 16, 2007



...the terms of which can be discussed later.

Your offer of a ticket comes at a good time -- I really need a change of scenery.

As for your new hairstyle, did you forget to feed the poor thing? They are terribly sensitive, I hear.

On my way,





I think it's purring... in anticipation of your arrival...>>

Posted by Gavreau on August 16, 2007



Wanna try to make it stand on end? *chuckle* A good scratch behind the ears should do it.

I'm taking care of your travel arrangements now, and will email you... see you in a day or so. On neutral territory, of course.






All excited about their new set of wheels (a Mini-Cooper!), the Sparrows eagerly set out to test its limits on their trip to the Ball-Joint-Doll-Collectors Convention in Austin, TX.


Austin or BUST! A Sparrows Roadtrip



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