Black Violet comes bearing gifts for the Sparrows!

Posted August 9, 2007




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Buddha Girl: Eh, it a hot one today. Don’ feel like doinannyting. Fan a little faster, sister!

Angry Sparrow: I fan fast as I can. Not easy. Need help.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I would help, but I have tennis elbow… ooooh




Black Violet: Hey, little girlies, I’ve been looking for you. Where’ve you been keeping your selves?

Buddha Girl: Hey, visitin’ pale lady! Oh, we jus’ be here and dere. It depen’s.

Angry Sparrow: Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes… but we’re very much HERE right now… ooooh




Black Violet: Well, I’m glad you’re here, because I’d hate for you to miss out on some presents I brought –

Buddha Girl: Eh, we LIKE presen’s, don’ we, sisters? Okay, who wan’ what?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, I like presen’s. I tink I wan’ dis –

Tragic Plum: Oooh, such nice  presents – I can’t decide… ooooh



SparrowsBVGiftsTk2 001

Buddha Girl: Eh, we gots ol’ family recipe for DEVIL duck, so dis be real good, Pale Lady!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, an’ dis claw make good soup, when I get done pinchin’.

Tragic Plum: And we’ll REALLY have baby back ribs from this nice pink piglet… ooooh

Pink Piglet: *oooooink!*




Buddha Girl: T’anks Pale Lady, we likes you LOTS!

Black Violet: Awww, I like you too, little girlies – and you can call me Black Violet, or BV for short.

Angry Sparrow: Okay, BV – dat good, ‘cause we short too. **clacks claw**

Tragic Plum: Yes, very short… but we don’t let it get us down… noooo




Tancredi: Ah, bon jour, Mam’zelle Violette Noir. I ’appen to ‘ear that you were vee-siting our ‘umble maison. Are ze lee-tle bir-dees’ chirps keeping vous amusee aujourd’hui?

Black Violet: So – you’re the Tan Man that everyone talks about. My, but you are tan – and tall. Come sit a little closer, and take a burden off your handsome feet, big boy.

Buddha Girl: Yeh, he gots a BIG load dere!

Angry Sparrow: I tink he got more’n his share.




Tancredi:Ow you flat-ter moi, Violette Noir. But please to re-mem-ber zat ma coeur eet bee-long to ma belle E’Clair.

Black Violet: Oh, E’Clair can keep your heart – I prefer the rest of the package – a lot more to work with, if you catch my meaning.

Tragic Plum: Hearts can be VERY messy, anyway… ooooh




Waramon: My dear BV – I wondered and worried where you had gotten to today. I see you have met my Gallic half-brother; has he regaled you with his tales of sunny climes and loves won and lost in the South of France?

Tancredi: I am not zo fee-ckle zat I would to steal your bee-loved – al-zough I am most capable, eef need be --

Black Violet: Well now, do you worry that I’ll forget you that easily? Though you did wander off in the wee hours, and left me quite alone. Admittedly, I needed the rest *grin*.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, is this what they call TMI? … ooooh




Black Violet: Ta-ta, Frenchy – got a little homework to do. Enjoy your presents, my little birdie girlies!

Waramon: Oh yes, education is SO important *wink*.

Tancredi: Au revoir, you two. I ‘aveeard zat one nevaire stops lear-ning

Buddha Girl: Eh, how much more do dey need to know for DAT?

Angry Sparrow: Eh, guess dey practice.

Tragic Plum: I don’t think it involves a PIANO, does it…? Ooooh




Buddha Girl: Eh, what BV see in dat perv, annyway?

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, he gimme de creepy-crawl.

Tancredi: Oui -- even zough he ees ma frere, I am al-zo as baffled as you, ma lee-tle tweets. Still, one cannot de-ny hees animal magnetism –

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, he’d better not stand too close to the REFRIGERATOR, then! Oooo

Pink Piglet: *oinkers!*



 That Waramon – he’s such big alley cat – rrrrrowwwwwwwr!


From this little romp, you can see why the Sparrows were bushed in the previous story. They had a grand time at the hotel where the 2007 IFDC was held – the Orleans, in fabulous Las Vegas!


Spotted at IFDC earlier this month – SPARROWS!



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