A couple of scary chicks sitting around talking

Posted  December 5, 2006




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**Fabien enters**
Shulamith: So you're the new girl who's been breaking my boy toys –



Shulamith: Mind you, I'm perfectly aware I'm not Little Mary Sunshine either, and it isn't as if I really care about them, but they were useful –



Shulamith: I was only just getting started with this one, and you've gone and stripped his gears. I have NO idea when he'll be back in commission.

Tarquin: *moan*

Fabien: M-hm...



Fabien: Oh, he's just lying down on the job, is all. He's still got some moving parts. **gives foot a little kick**

Tarquin: *groan* **twitch**



Fabien: As soon as he knocks off the Wicked Witch of the East routine there, he'll be just fine.
Shulamith: If you say so --
Tarquin: **twitch**



Fabien: What is it about men nowadays anyway. Talk talk talk. They SAY they want you to jump 'em good, and then they fold up like a cheap card table --
Shulamith: Maybe you need to refine your technique, start out a little slower –



Fabien: Oh no. If I slow down too much, I get bored, lose my place, lose interest. Gotta keep movin', movin', movin', hon.
Shulamith: Uh-huh. To each their own, I suppose...



Fabien: Anyway, hon, gotta get goin'. I need to track down that Fenchurch chick and her little boyfriend. Unfinished business, ya know. So long!
Shulamith: Oh yeah -- good luck, and don't hurry back on my account --
Tarquin: **twitch-twitch**



Shulamith: THAT is one scary chick... Cr*p, she's left me with no options around here. Guess I'd better look up some old pals...



Tarquin: *moan* ...Fenchurch... THAT'S... who... she... looks like... *groan* **twitch**


Shulamith's outfit and wig by Xtremedolls, Fabien's skirt and top by Dollovely.



Fabien sure leaves an impression – or is it a dent? Meantime, Fenchurch went off to visit Hiro, and Fabien was the cause of some concern for him in this joint story by galatia9 and me:


Don’t you feel different?



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