Don’t you feel different?

Posted  December 7, 2006 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: Fenchurch... I'm glad you were able to come over for a while, but... I guess I don't have to tell you I'm worried, do I?
Fenchurch: Worried? Gosh, Hiro, about what?



Hiro: Um... everything? The whole thing that's going on at your house with Fabien and all? I mean... if I found myself split up into two different people, I don't know WHAT I'd do. I know you said you don't really feel any different now, but face it, she was part of you, even if you never knew she was there. Aren't you worried too?



Fenchurch: Well -- if she looked JUST like me, then I think it'd be a much bigger problem! It's really nice of you to be worried about me. *smile* Please remember, she was a VERY small part of me... and I don't think it's going to be easy to get her back in right now. You heard her say she got pretty darn tired of being cooped up in there.



Hiro: But everybody has a bit of a dark side... it's just weird that now it's been pulled out of you like a bad tooth! It's SUPPOSED to be inside you, not wandering around on its own! I just worry that... well, that maybe you're not complete any more. Do you really not miss her at all? Doesn't it put you off balance or something?



Fenchurch: Hm... no... I feel fine; just... there's this feeling that something's missing, but it doesn't hurt or make me sick, it's just... there. But I think I understand your concern. And with her running around loose like that, she is complicating things, without me to hold her back. And maybe I'm more... bland now? Although I did get mad and haul off and hit her, so I'm not THAT much of a goody-two-shoes without her, am I? **grin**
Hiro: I was relieved that you DID haul off and hit her, and I don't think you could EVER be bland, but I don't want part of you to be missing! And... *blush*...



Fenchurch: ...and?... **raises eyebrows**

Hiro: You DO still want to jump my bones, don't you?
Fenchurch: **stifles giggle** ...Hiro... of COURSE I do! But I promise not to snap you like a twig. That would be terribly shortsighted!
Hiro: Well... when?



Fenchurch: See that closet over there? **points** RACE YA! **takes off**
Hiro: HEY!!!



I think Fen alleviated his qualms quite nicely…


Meantime, Hibou’s other suitor Imriel the elf slid into despair thinking that she would choose his rival Shakkyo over him. Drink and an encounter with Ange’s nymph Black Violet were the depths he sank to. Oona became concerned that Imriel’s concession to Shakkyo was not a good move, as she expressed in this photostory:


Oh, Imriel, I’m sorry you feel this way…



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