Only A Part-Time Santa Elf

Posted December 21, 2009




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Zephyrus: Welcome home, Elfride. I imagine it has been a busy day at work, so I took the liberty of bringing some tea for you –

Elfride: You’re always so thoughtful, Zephyrus – I could use that, after today’s stint. Between “Santa”, and the kids – whew!



Zephyrus: I understand this is a holiday for the children, and your impulse to be giving this time of year – you are a very kind and thoughtful person. However, I wonder if you feel somehow debased, using your true elven self to pretend as a Santa’s helper? –

Elfride: Looks like I will earn this cup of tea, answering your question! *chuckle* –



Elfride: Well… I’ve been doing this for many years now – ever since department stores started having Santas. A friend (human, and long since passed) joked that I would make the perfect helper elf… and it struck a chord. I thought it could be fun for both me and the children, so… I’ve been doing it since then. I have enjoyed it, really, for the most part… and it makes me think of that friend, too… hmmm…

Zephyrus: Ah… a bittersweet memory; pardon me for my inquisitiveness –



Elfride: Don’t worry, Zephyrus, I didn’t mind at all – OH! It’s –

Zephyrus: – the Sisters Sparrow! You startled us –

Buddha Girl: Eh, you jus’ not payintention, is all. We here to ask Elfy Lady a ‘portant question –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, ‘portant.

Tragic Plum: Oh, yes, VERY important… our Christmas depends on it… ooooh….



Elfride: Oh my, girls, this puts me on the spot, doesn’t it? *smile*

Buddha Girl: We dunno ‘bout spots – d’o dis rug’s got plenny a’dem! Annyway, we needs to ask you somethin’ – a favor –

Angry Sparrow: It a p’sonal favor, too.

Tragic Plum: Yes… VERY personal… we can’t say it from down here… ooooh

Zephyrus: Then I shall help you up, so you may more easily speak to Miss Elfride



Elfride: So, girls, what is this favor you require of me? –

Buddha Girl: We need you help wit Santy dis year! We ‘fraid he won’ come see us, an’ give us anny presents – unless you puts in de good word fo’ us. Seein’ as you work wit him, and you so nice an’ sweet an’ all –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, sweet, an’ an elf, like Santy.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, I hear that Santa… is an elf, too… so you… speak the same language… in the workshop… ooooh

Elfride: True, I’m an elf *tucks back hair from ear* – but I’m only a part-time helper elf, and really don’t know Santa very well. I couldn’t promise that he would listen to me, and I wouldn’t want to get your hopes up. I’m so sorry, girls –



Buddha Girl: Eh… we hadda try. Guess we stuck wit coal in our stockin’s agin dis year –

Angry Sparrow: IF we even get dat

Zephyrus: Permit me to assist you, Miss Plum –

Tragic Plum: Ooh, thanks… Yes, who knows if we’ll even get the coal… which is useful… for cooking and all… oooh   **Sparrows exit**



Elfride: They are the funniest little things aren’t they? I hope I wasn’t too hard on them – but I didn’t think it was fair to promise something I really couldn’t deliver on. I hope they’ll be okay –

Zephyrus: I understand your reluctance to commit, Miss Elfride. They do not take well to broken promises, let me assure you!

Elfride: I think I’ve heard something to that effect! Best to keep on their good side *laughs*. Well, I’m off to take a long and soothing bath – I think I have earned it, also.

Zephyrus: Indeed – and I shall attend to these dishes –   **they exit**



Washi: Hmmmmm… looks like this calls for an angel’s touch…



Looks like a little help from above is on the way!


Washi wastes no time setting his plan in motion…


Washi the Fixer



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