Resolutions For The New (School) Year

Posted October 4, 2007




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Allegra: *thinking* Hmmmm… is this the best outfit?...



…maybe I should wear this dress, instead?



…or jeans? Maybe a dress is trying too hard…



…but maybe he won’t notice…



…there’s no point if he won’t notice…



Why doesn’t he notice?



**from hall**

Oona: Allegra! We’ll be late – hurry, please!

Allegra: *startled* Oh! Yes – coming!



Allegra: *thinking again* Let’s try this…






Oona: Come ON, Allegra! Our ride won’t wait, you know. You look very nice *smile*.




Allegra: *to self* This year – it WILL be different. I WILL get Chance’s attention!



Always good to have a goal… I think!


We know what Gobnait’s goal is… and she has found someone new to exercise it  with


Gobnait Grabs a HUNK… (In celebration of Nabees )



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