Gobnait Grabs a HUNK

(In celebration of Nabees )

Posted October 5, 2007




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Gobnait: *to self* M-hm… what have we here!



Gobnait: You’re new around here, aren’t you?

Hunky Stranger: Yeah – is it that obvious?

Gobnait: You bet – I haven’t seen anyone quite like you before *wink*.



Gobnait: Has anyone shown you any hospitality yet?

Hunky Stranger: Nuh-uh. But I haven’t been here that long.



Hunky Stranger: So… are you offering some?

Gobnait: Depends…



Gobnait: First I have to check to see if you have anything concealed –

Hunky Stranger: Now why d’you think that, hon?



Gobnait: Well… a girl can’t be too careful nowadays, you know.

Hunky Stranger: You be as careful as you want, then… mmmmm.



Hunky Stranger: Y’know, those lips of yours are sayin’ something – but I can’t quite catch it…

Gobnait: Maybe you should lean in a little closer – I wouldn’t want you to miss out…



Hunky Stranger: Mighty thoughtful of you… don’t mind if I do…

Gobnait: Don’t be shy now -- closer



Hunky Stranger: Mmmmmm

Gobnait: Mmmmm-hmmmmmmmm…!



Hunky Stranger: Funny, isn’t it – I almost didn’t take that left turn – and lookit what I would’ve missed *smile*.

Gobnait: I’d say you’ve got a great sense of direction, hon

Hunky Stranger: And I didn’t even ask for any *laughs*.

Gobnait: You don’t have to ask! *also laughs*



Black Violet: Well, woudja look at that! Selfish cow – she didn’t tell me where she was keeping HIM!

Waramon: Now, now, pet – she didn’t tell ME, either!...



Now, now, children, mustn’t covet thy slutty friend’s new toy.


Well, Smythe’s little fib may have been exposed, just when he least expected it –


Nice guy, huh?... (Fred's video letter to Chance)



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