Nice guy, huh?...

(Fred's video letter to Chance)

Posted October 8, 2007 by beamlette and galatia9




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Wynnefred: Chance, I wanted to thank you again for the cute present! I wish we could have gone to the convention to see all our friends, but it was sweet of you to think of me!



Chance: You're welcome, Wynnefred! I always think about you anyway. *blush*



Wynnefred: Chance, I was wondering about something. Hiro and Smythe seemed to hit it off, I saw they were goofing around a little after Smythe showed up. I think they have more than ONE thing in common! Do you think Smythe will be hanging around with the rest of us a lot? Everyone here seemed to like him.



Chance: Well sure, I guess he might. He's getting to know the folks around here too, and I think he's generally a likeable guy.
Wynnefred: Generally?
Chance: Well... yeah. I mean, he's nice enough, and has better manners than MOST of the guys around here...
**Smythe enters in background, whistling**



Wynnefred: NICE enough? *confused* What have the two of you done together since he arrived? What does he like to do?

Chance: Gosh, Fred, I don't know! I haven't had a chance to TALK to him one on one, let alone go anywhere or do anything with him!
Wynnefred: But... he said you were his best FRIEND!! You haven't found time to do things with your best friend??



Chance: Huh?? Best friend?? I barely KNOW the guy! What in the world would have made him say something like THAT??
Smythe: Uh-oh...!



Run, Smythe, run!


Chance sure let him have it, with both verbal barrels, in:


Meanwhile, not-so-quiet on the Western Front



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