Meanwhile, not-so-quiet on the Western Front

Posted October 10, 2007




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Chance: YOU! How come you told everyone at Ms. Linda’s that you were my best friend?

Smythe: Mm – well, perhaps some wishful thinking on my part. I would  like to be your friend, I suppose –

Chance: You go throwing around my name to my REAL friends, under false pretences. I don’t like that. I won’t have any part of whatever scheme it is you’re working on!

Smythe: The word scheme  has such negative connotations. I prefer to use the phrase, “All is fair in love and war” –



Chance: Well, if it’s WAR you want, I’ll give it to you –

Smythe: War never really solved anything – let’s analyze the “love” side of this. I shall take you into my confidence – what friends do, you know. I did this little charade for love.

Chance: Say what?



Smythe: Your Wynnefred has a fetching friend by the name of Rachel, does she not?

Chance: Yeah. And -- ?



Smythe: I desired to make Rachel’s acquaintance, and what better way than in person? It was also a bit of fun –

Chance: Fooling people is FUN? You’re a thoughtless creep!



**enter Howell and David**

Howell: Why doesn’t it surprise me that someone is shouting at you, Smythe? Another of your little plans gone awry?

Smythe: Just jumping to conclusions – I was merely explaining to Chance here –

Chance: **glare**



Howell: Oh yes, I can see you’ve only just started. You understand now, David, why my sister and I have kept our little brother around, for the sheer entertainment value, once we gave off thumping him. Carry on, then, with your explanation. We would stay and listen, but there’s soccer on the telly.

David: So you used to do your own thumping then – Fen used to wale on Win so I didn’t have to *chuckle*.    **they exit**



Chance: So… if and when Rachel hears all this, what will you have to say for yourself? I’m sure not going to jump to your defense.

Smythe: I don’t expect you to. As a matter of fact, I will take the initiative – and ask the young lady myself!

Chance: This I’ve gotta see…



Even big brother can’t bring Smythe down for long –


Rachel, I must admit to some subterfuge…



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