A present for Wynnefred

Posted March 2, 2006




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Oona: Oooh, Chance, who’s the present for?

Chance: Wynnefred. She likes Jane Austen novels, so I thought she might like some DVDs of movies from the books.



Oona: Ooooh that’s so sweet. And romantic, even –



Oona: Of course jewelry and perfume are even more romantic. You really should try to find out more about what she likes. I know I love those things, and Paladin knows what I like yakyakyakyak

Chance: ****you know how Oona is – just have to wait for her to run down**** Humhmhmhm



Chance: I know it’d be nice to get her something like that, but I thought I should start out simple.



Oona: Well, yes, you’re right. It’s very early in the relationship –



Oona: -- and I think you need to be careful about Tournai. He might cut things short if it looks like you’re getting too personal too fast –



Oona: Oh, and speaking of Tournai – oh he is soooo handsome, and Sylari is soooo beautiful, and Evander makes my heart stop and it’s all so sad and beautiful and romantic I love romance wonder how it will all turn out yakyakyak

Chance: ****she’s off and running again – whoa nelly**** Hmhumhmmhmm



Chance: Well, goin’ to deliver Fred’s present. Nice talkin’ to you, Oona **brisk turn and saunters away**

Oona: Oh – uh – er – sure, Chance…



Oona: Chance really is sweet, but sometimes I think he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Fred, you may have to give this boy some help!




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