Kazuhiro, I like to fish   -and-

Greetings Kazuhiro, I see you have chosen

to forego the charms of Gobnait

Posted February 27, 2006  -and-  March 1, 2006




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Kazuhiro, I like to fish >>> (pic), posted February 27, 2006.


I really like your bait.



And I’m anything BUT motherly – just ask Chance.




Kazuhiro was NOT flattered – more like repulsed! So Waramon came to her defense in:


Greetings, Kazuhiro – I see you have chosen to forego the charms of Gobnait >>> posted March 1, 2006 by Waramon


A pity. While it was most gentlemanly of you to consider my feelings as her “boyfriend”, she does not own me, nor I her.



We are free to roam, but with the security of knowing we can return to one another.



Hence the “flexibility” my dearest Gobnait spoke of –



And so, in the words of that old song,”If you  can’t be / With the one you love / Love the one you’re with”…






Chance: Huh? Why’re you looking at me like that? ****



Kazuhiro still declined the offer of Gobnait, declaring himself a one-woman man, and also rose to Chance’s defense. This story developed Waramon’s proclivities, which were heretofore not clear to me.


I then returned to Chance and furthering his relationship with Wynnefred in the next two photostories, the first being:


A present for Wynnefred



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