On the way to Wynnefred’s

Posted March 3, 2006




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Chance has time to think to himself…


****Well, here I go – after Oona nattering on, I hope I’m doing the right thing.****



****Oona is right about this being a “safe” gift – it’s certainly not lingerie – we’re sure not ready for THAT *blush*  Tournai would send me packing for sure… ****



****But who knows if he won’t send me packing anyway, after all that nonsense with Gobnait and Waramon.   He probably thinks I come from a nut house – just one more NUT ****



****Or maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing *sigh*  I really do want to see Fred… I like being with Fred… she’s so NORMAL… and NICE… that description doesn’t fit anybody at OUR house  ****



****Mmm, if Fred’s there, maybe she’d like to go for a walk.   ****


I think there’s actually a little spring to his step…




Chance’s gift went over well; Wynnefred was thrilled that Chance remembered her liking Jane Austen, and Tournai thought them suitable for his young charge.


Meantime, since the girl I had bought for Chance was no longer needed in that capacity, I decided to take a different tack for her character. She was a Happydoll Marin, purchased off a sale post on Zone of Zen 6 days before the Couples story. I had considered having her interested in Chance despite his involvement with Fred, and the other boys mooning after her, much to the annoyance of the girls. Instead, I made her a smart and pretty tomboy, and the subject of three stories starting with:


There’s a new girl in the house, Please meet Fenchurch



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