A Few Outtakes from Christmas 2009 Photostories

Posted December 28, 2009




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XmasOuttakes09 001

This was hardly unexpected, after the Hula Santa story – Little Tabitha pounding on Ulf, assisted by Frida. Elfride lost interest in maintaining discipline...



XmasOuttakes09 005

Heheh, I LOVE this weird hat from my Dollheart fukubukuroTancredi, not so much…



MoreXmasOuttakes 003

Sister Angela: Washi – for the last time, I TOLD you to stop wiping your nose on my coat!

Washi: But – it’s so SOFT on my widdle nose *sniiiiif*



MoreXmasOuttakes 012

Now that’s a lotta wingpower, to knock over the Christmas tree… no wonder they’re shellshocked



MoreXmasOuttakes 010

Buddha Girl: Eh, you said you gonna read Dickens’ Christmas Carol! DAT sure not Scrooge!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, where Scrooge?

Yevgeny: I readily admit I took the liberty of choosing something I prefer. A Christmas Carol is too damn cheerful *sneer*.

**editors’ note – Yev’s choice is The Death of Ivan Ilych – no surprise**

Tragic Plum: Oooh, I don’t know which is sadder… English writers, or Russian writers… oooooh



MoreXmasOuttakes 011

Okayyyyyy… which one is the FROWNIEST Santa?

Blackwell: Eh, gotta be ME, by a mile! *pushes out lower lip*

Tancredi: Sacre Bleuze draft, eet ees not so bon zees time of ze year… an’ I cannot to find ma ci-ga-rette *grump-grump*.



Nothing grumpier than a Frenchman deprived of his smokes!


As usual, we end the year with a summary of high – and low – lights…


Beamlette’s 2009 Year In Review



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