How He Met His Self

Posted December 6, 2012




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Grown-up Quade: Hey, I recognize you – you’re younger me. How’s it hangin’, Little Self?

Quade: *startled* Whoa – so that’s who you are! What happened to you – er, me? Accident with the self-tanner?



Grown-up Quade: *snerk* Naw, you little half-wit, it’s real – well, tanning-booth real –

Quade: And where’s your glasses – or are you doin’ a Magoo?

Grown-up Quade: One word – Lasik, oh pasty Four-eyes! *snicker*

Quade: Izzat so…



Grown-up Quade: I have transcended dweebdom! Aren’cha glad to know what’s in store for you? Chick magnet at LAST. **waggles fingers**

Quade: *Hmph* What makes you think I can’t get chicks now? **elbows side**



Dream on, teen Quade, dream on…


Time for a Christmas Carol with the Sparrows. Why hadn’t we abused, er, used, er, referenced this old tale before?



A Sparrows Xmas Carol, With Apologies to Dickens



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