Save the Bones for Henry Jones

Posted November 29, 2012




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Faye (Ami Ayase) and Washi (Sei Tenshi) visited the Volks store photo op display the first Sunday in November, and the Halloween theme was still available for use…


Mr. Bones: You, my dear, are a sight for sore eyes – IF I had eyes…



Washi: Cease and desist your flirtations with Miss Faye; you are not worthy of such a fine specimen as she!

Faye: Oh, don’t mind Washi, hon; he gets full of himself, being an angel and all – pocket-size though he is! *giggle*



Mr. Bones: Your kindness warms my heart – wherever it is now – so much so that –



Mr. Bones:  – I swear you’ve brought life to this afterlife – how about stepping out for a little drink and dance, hmmmmm?

Faye: A tempting offer… I do like dancing –

Washi: How unseemly – get yourself back to the crypt, where you belong, and await Father’s word!



Faye: Oh, I don’t know – you are a little thin and pasty, and what if you collapse in a heap on the floor? It would kill the mood, so to speak –

Washi: There! Miss Faye has spoken; be off, skeletal spectre

Mr. Bones: Yet another rejection, another little death… I should be used to it by now *sigh*…



A little while later…


Mr. Bones: Um, little boy, you better be careful about getting too close to that fire, doncha think?

Washi: Don’t worry about me, you sorry refugee from the charnel – Father sends me on business to the hottest fire there is, so for me this is as a mere spark *hmph*!

Faye: Stop your bickering, you two – how about we make some s’mores?



S’mores, mmmm….


Meantime, Quade has an encounter with the New Guy –



How He Met His Self



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