Fabien’s Triumph –

 Namely, “Her” prize at the San Diego Mini-Con

Posted August 29, 2012




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Fabien: Eat yer hearts out, ya buncha losers! I WON!

Tancredi: I see she to for-get zat she was not seulement een our lee-tle cos-tume play –

Heart of Gold: Uh-huh…and are you going to be the one to tell HER?





The San Diego mini-con’s theme was “The Wild Wicked West”, and here is the entry in situ at the con (Nov. 3, 2012), so you’ll know what Fabien is going on about, and can judge for yourself, in the safety of your own home!


Tabitha: Hold on just a #@$% minute, you @#$% crazy-eyed freak; you’re not the only one to win a prize at a con! I’ve won TWO!



My sculptor, Enku-san, gave me this at the 2007 LA Dolpa



And Ms. Beamlette’s BF Carl won at the 2009 Gogadoll in San Francisco for this photo of ME!



Tabitha: So don’t go makin’ a big-a** deal until you win another prize or two – though I won’t be holdin’ my breath, ‘cause I doubt you’ll be that lucky again!

Fabien: Huh –



Fabien: That depends, on if I let you LIVE long enough to see my next win, you little snit!

Tabitha: I’m not scared of YOU – bring it ON, freaky #@$%!



Me: Time out, time OUT, girls!

Tabitha: But Ms. Beamlette, you heard her –

Fabien: Yeah, you heard HER – even I don’t use that many expletives –

Me: It has nothing – well, almost nothing – to do with expletives. I want you two to settle down, cool your jets. I’m proud that you’ve both won prizes at BJD events, because both of you are special to me, but I’m not interested in putting all the pieces back together after a dust-up. Understand?



Fabien: Meh, alright then, I’ll let the little potty-mouth off the hook. Besides, it wouldn’t be much of a fight, anyway –

Tabitha: Whatever! We’ll just let her think what she wants to, huh, Ms. Beamlette? *snort*

Me: Sure, sure, sweetie, whatever you say **rolls eyes**…



Tancredi: Zo, ze blood-shed eet ‘as been aver-ted, eh, Coeur d’Or?

Heart of Gold: Seems so…



though my money would’ve been on the little pony girl; she’s a scrapper! *whinny*



To mix some old sayings, the horse who laughs last, laughs best *snerk*.


The next little ditty makes no bones about its protagonist –



Save the Bones for Henry Jones



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