What Happens at BJDC Doesn’t Stay at BJDC

Posted August 29, 2012




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Siduri thought that Waramon might like to meet Ito – however, she neglected to brief Ito on the particulars…


Waramon: *to self* Ah, what have we here? I do enjoy meeting new people, and this fellow is no exception – although I sense he is exceptional… *aloud* Ahem – and may I inquire as to your name, sir?

Ito: Huh…who wants to know? –



Waramon: Now, now, no need to be tense, sweetie. I shall introduce myself; I am Waramon

Ito: M’name’s Ito –

Waramon: Mmm, a short but manly name; you are Japanese, I’m guessing – **stroke**



Ito: No big mystery about my nationality *snort*.  HEY – wot th– !

Waramon: Such lovely muscles; I’d appreciate a demonstration, if you don’t mind – **feely-feely**



Ito: Listen, you – if you don’t stop with the creepy hands, I’ll demonstrate on you, big time! **shakes fist**

Waramon: Oh my, you read my mind, Master Ito; how you cut to the chase! Do proceed, forthwith –



Ito: I’m outta here, you sick freak! I’m sure as hell not stickin’ around to find out what you’re gonna do next!

Waramon: Now, now, Master Ito, don’t be so hasty; I thought we were getting along swimmingly –



Ito: *off* Only thing that’s swimmin’ is YOU, squid-boy – sayonara!

Waramon: And I was so hoping you would teach me more than that little snippet of your native tongue – oh well…



Waramon: ...while I wouldn’t have minded sharing with Master Ito, still – more for me *chuckle*!

Jessica: And what more could we want, when we have you, Waramon?

Lahela: M-hm – you’re not so bad as Camille made you out to be, hon



Jessica: Pffft, I wouldn’t take anything Camille says without one big chunk of salt – she’s always got her knickers in a twist *shrug*.

Lahela: And what’s that supposed to mean, Big Red?

Waramon: Now, now, ladies, no need to drag the lovely Camille into this, unless she’s somewhere in the hotel as we speak –


(Waramon refers here to his BJDC 2010 encounter with Camille, Jill in WV’s Ashanti – something Ms. C. would as soon forget!)




Jessica: Yak-yak-yak **gesturing** – you know what I mean!

Lahela: Well now, that’s just hurtful, girl!



Jessica: I’m sorry, sweetie; that was harsh of me – how about we go downstairs and do a little shopping, while the salesroom’s still open. Ms. Val has some shoes to die for –

Lahela: You are so right, hon, life’s too short for all this quibblin’ over other folks – and I had my eye on those pink ones, too –

Jessica: Oh, which ones – the light or dark pink?

Waramon: Erm, ladies, did we forget something – or in this case, SOMEone? Ladies, ladies – ?


Credits: All photos (except the one of Waramon and Camille) by Siduri; Jessica is owned by ShellyL, and Lahela is owned by Jill in WV.



Strike threeeeee, yer out!


Waramon didn’t score, but Fabien knocked it out of the park –



Fabien’s Triumph



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