While Ms. Beamlette did indeed

 do the sending, the CREDIT...

Posted November 3, 2007 by Waramon




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…For such a hospitable gift goes to me. When I saw your charming visage a little while ago, I knew I had to make your acquaintance…



Gobnait: Yes, WE knew we needed to make your acquaintance. The martini set was Waramon’s idea – I would’ve just sent a bottle of gin and done with it *smirk*.

Waramon: That is why we work so well together. You understand the goal, and I provide the niceties. Shaken or -- stirred…*smile*.



Gobnait: Well, I like to SHAKE things up, so hurry on over while the shakin’s good here, hon!

Waramon: I don’t know how  he could possibly resist that invitation – I know I never do --!





And a further reply


We are pleased to please *you*, dear Gideon…

 posted by Waramon on November 3, 2007



Waramon: And what a charming coincidence, three just happens to be our lucky number, as well, doesn’t it, Gobnait my sweetmeat?

Gobnait: Uh-huh – especially when it involves a dish like you, bible-name boy. I’m lookin’ forward to reading YOUR commandments!



Truly a meeting of the sleazy minds…


On the other hand, it looks like two of the “nice” kids are showing a wholesome interest in one another. Jill’s Pete seems impressed with the geekily poised Persephone, and this is her response…


Greetings, Peter…



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