Greetings, Peter...

Posted November 6, 2007 by Persephone




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I think I have made up the time for your not  being online – it seems I am always clicking away – day and night and whatever other time there is in between…



I did look at that chatroom you recommended; a capital spot, indeed for some civilized exchanges – pardon me here while I have a quick sandwich. I was so entertained, I nearly forgot my need for sustenance of the mundane sort.



For my part, meeting you was the highlight of our trip last month. I regret you had to see me putting that wretch D’Angelo in his place; his resilience would be remarkable, except that he never learns from the experience.



I smile at your complimenting my accent; I so take it for granted, until someone brings it up; that is sweet of you to say so. Excuse me, a sip of beverage is in order…



Hmmm, an IM from Martha Jean… it will keep for a bit…



I will indeed take you up on your kind offer to PM you – rational conversation is always appreciated – and yours is the most rational I have heard in ages. I shall make a promise not to bore you; please do hold me to it.


Warm regards,




Is Persephone truly unaware of Varius, or is she deliberately ignoring him?


Meantime, my household’s equivalent of the Witches of Eastwick have convened, and the talk isn’t pretty…


What Do Girls Really Want



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