Pass The Balm Of Gilead, Will You?

Posted October 31, 2007




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... “And  the lamplight o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted – nevermore!”



Varius: *chuckling* That Poe – he was such a party animal, to use the modern vernacular.

Arsinoe: That old chestnut! Always moping about his lost love – hmph.



Varius: Now, now – you never were one for sentiment. I admire that trait of yours. Of us you were always the hard-headed and practical one.

Arsinoe: Being a slave taught me there was no place for such indulgence. Your class had the luxury of it.



Varius: You never held it against me, did you? *smile*

Arsinoe: *smiling back* No… where would it have gotten me if I did? It has been a good life, better than any of my station have dreamed of.



Varius: And I was only too happy to share it with you. Returning to Mr. Poe, and good times with him – do you recall his mysterious disappearance before his death, my dear? Where was that he got to, and with whom…?

Arsinoe: A lady never kisses and tells.

Varius: Hahahaha! As if I didn’t know!

Arsinoe: And I am NO lady. *grin*

Varius: No… but you can pass for one when you are inclined. *chuckle*



Varius: Do you remember when we attended one of his private readings of “The Raven”? Such a melodious voice, caressing each word…

Arsinoe: I was always waiting for a verse where his landlord told him to get rid of that filthy bird. Wonder who  cleaned the bust of Pallas, then, hm?



Varius: There you go again, being practical. I shall make it my duty tonight to lead you away from the practical… and towards the fanciful… mmmmm

Arsinoe: Do you promise, then? I just might succumb, if persuaded convincingly… *snuggle*.



Varius: You always have my promise, dear one – I shall never deny you – anything…

Arsinoe: I know, I know… I just like to hear it again from time to time…



Varius: And this is one of those times… *kiss*.

Arsinoe: *siiiiigh*….



They can be SUCH softies, can’t they? 


Jill in WV’s bad boy, Gideon, sent me thanks for the martini set I sent to her. Waramon and Gobnait took credit for this, using it as a way to meet cute with Gideon:


While Ms. Beamlette did indeed do the *sending*…



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