Malfoy and Tabitha Make a Little Birdhouse in Their Souls

Posted April 18, 2006




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“I’m your only friend/ I’m not your only friend/



“But I’m a little glowing friend/



“But really I’m not actually your friend/ but I am/



“Blue Canary in the outlet by the light switch/



“Who watches over you/



“Make a little birdhouse in your soul…”


They aren’t always little devil children .


(Lyrics from a They Might Be Giants ditty.)



Kazuhiro talked to Fenchurch about Wynnefred’s sudden departure, and how he felt bad that he hadn’t been able to give her some consolation on her grandfather’s death. Fenchurch suggested he write Fred a letter, something she could have to look at from time to time. Then word came that Wynnefred returned safely to Japan, and she was all right, but not much else was mentioned. So Fenchurch reassured him in:


Hi, Hiro. Everyone at our house was glad to hear



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