And how was YOUR Labor Day weekend?

Posted September 3, 2007




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Summer is winding down, and what better than a carefree barbecue on the patio to wrap up the holiday…



Tancredi: I steel theenk Mees Beamlette she make ze mis-take to not ‘ave me do ze charcuterie for zis lee-tle soiree *sulk*.



Paladin: I think she wanted to still have a HOUSE for us to live in when the weekend is over!



Oona: So, E’Clair, the happy arrival day should be upon us SOON – gracious, how long has it been, anyway?

E’Clair: Oh my, I’ve lost count by now. I’m almost taking it for granted that I’ll always be pregnant!



Napolean: What could be better than a gathering in friendship over a homemade meal, with new friends – and you, most of all, my goddess of fertility. It was fortuity that brought me here – along with my dear sister –

Boudicca: With enough wine, anything is tolerable -- *hic* -- especially relatives.



E’Clair: OH! There he – or she – goes again! That was quite the kick. I do think it’s doing a tapdance on my bladder.

Oona: Well, my cousin’s studying to be a doctor – he could use the experience. We are prepared if it’s finally wanting to come out.



Tancredi: Cherie, may-be eet ees shy. Or ver-eeappy een there – I cannot blame eet.

E’Clair: My dear Tan, I hope not – otherwise, how will it ever be able to go to school, then?



Napolean: Ah, the circle of life – is it not a beautiful thing? Are we not most fortunate to be here, now – our wants and needs are simple, and we have blessings aplenty!

Boudicca: *hic* Another dead soldier… yes, my needs are simple – get me another bottle, and I shall  be blessed… maybe you, too… *mumble*



Waramon: *to self* Oh yes, my wants and needs are very  simple… I want everyone…!



Tancredi: Bah! I theenk you are taking too long, an’ ze viands  zey shall be done to death, een ze Een-glish style.



Paladin: *under breath* One more remark, and you’ll be pulling this spatula out of your ***!



Waramon: Poor dear Boudicca! She has had too much fun, and now she won’t be able to enjoy her fourth bottle of wine. **pats arm**

Napolean: The fruit of the vine is a valuable gift – the dear girl is simply TOO gifted –

Boudicca:sssssnore… *snort*



Oona: *to self* When I get married, hopefully I’ll be running with a better crowd than THIS!



 Hopefully this isn’t a harbinger of things to come, dear Oona.


While Draculina’s guardian Ms. Clara was visiting, this seemingly unlikely duo paired up for a little fun –


Draculina and Fenchurch – on the town TOGETHER???



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