Draculina and Fenchurch – on the town TOGETHER???

Posted September 5, 2007




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Draculina: Fenchurch, dear, is there ANYTHING to do around here? Besides step over this crowd you share lodgings with?

Fenchurch: Well, Ms. Beamlette and BF Carl are taking us to see the Forum, on the Strip –

Draculina: Besides gambling, dear girl!

Fenchurch: We’ll be going to a nice restaurant, and there’s shopping –

Draculina: SHOPPING!!! Why didn’t you say so sooner? Get a move on!



**at Joe’s Stone Crab**

Draculina: A seafood restaurant – in the desert.  Just how fresh are we talking here?

Fenchurch: They can fly it in from anywhere pretty quickly nowadays.

Draculina: Presumably first class, judging from the prices -- !

Fenchurch: They do want the crabs to not be TOO crabby!



Draculina: Do join me in having some of this delicious bread, Fenchurch. I shouldn’t eat it all myself, though it’s tempting.

Fenchurch: I know! But I’m saving room for the stone crab and all the other seafood, first.



Draculina: You’re such a disciplined girl for your age. I do hope you have SOME fun, and throw caution to the winds now and again, while you are young and able.

Fenchurch: Oh, I have fun. But I don’t want to have anything to be sorry for later on, that I may have to live with. There’s enough things not in my control I’ll have to field, I’m sure.

Draculina: Oh, la dear girl!  Everything important can be in our control.  You must learn to use your god given feminine charms and then your entire life will fall neatly into place.  Just remember, Fenchurch - never let them see you sweat.  It's not ladylike.



Fenchurch: Now if I were immortal, like you, I might be very different… or maybe not. Maybe just MORE of the same!

Draculina: Do not speak so lightly of such a serious matter, dear Fenchurch. Perhaps later I shall tell you more on this subject.

Fenchurch: Oh, I’d be quite dull about it, I suspect – probably read MORE books *giggle*.

Draculina: READ?! Well, I do manage to get through ALL the current fashion magazines – that should count.



Draculina: Now we must walk off – er, I mean shop off our meal. Whither to the best boutiques?

Fenchurch: I’m not the judge of that, as you can see by the way I dress. Ms Beamlette knows more.

Draculina: You know, dear, you could wear the proverbial gunny sack and be charming, though I do NOT recommend them, whatever some fashion designers may fob off on their clients!



**at the Pliner shoe shop**

Fenchurch: *giggle* I hope they don’t make this little piggy into a pair of loafers, not with those teeth.

Draculina: Oh, but pain  is an integral part of fashion, dear girl. That’s why I take so many opportunities to get off MY feet! *clicking heels*



**at the Fresh cosmetics store**

Draculina: Fenchurch dear – what a LOVELY selection they have here – aren’t you the LEAST tempted to try something?

Fenchurch: Well… I’m always in such a hurry to get dressed, so I never bother. But I agree, the colors are pretty to look at.

Draculina: You may be correct in your case – gilding the lily…



Draculina: More gilding for THIS lily… hmmm, one of this, and two of these…



**in FAO Schwarz**

Fenchurch: I didn’t know you could play the piano, Draculina. What tune is that?

Draculina: Long ago, someone taught me, who is long dead… this is a little ditty from that irritable Beethoven – “Fur Elise”.

Fenchurch: Am I right in thinking it was Beethoven  who taught you?

Draculina: A lady does not tell, dear! *wink*



Draculina: But I also appreciate a good boogie-woogie, or a torch song – play a few bars of “The Man I Love”, will you, dear?

Fenchurch: Like this -- ? **tinkling keys**



Draculina: Yes – no! I’m out of the mood now. Nothing to do with you, dear – just… I thought better of it.

Fenchurch: As you wish. *smile*



**in front of the Ted Baker boutique**

Draculina: The sign says, “Prepare To Be Amazed” – well, I think you and I, dear, are TRULY the amazing ones. See how everyone is looking at US?

Fenchurch: You’d think they’d never seen dolls before! *snicker*



Dolls, indeed!


Time for the Sparrows’ travelogue of their trip to Austin and the BJDC – yes, they DID get there!


Eh, we have pretty good time in Austin!



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