Oh NO, not another #$%@* ELF!

Posted April 29, 2008




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(We pick up from where Junco first appeared to Inigo. For those in need of a refresher course on Junco’s intro, see: The Watcher In The Woods



Inigo: …this is another sitting room –

Junco: Yes… the tree is a pleasing touch, is it not -- ?

Tabitha: Figures – another d*mn tree-huggin’ ELF *harrumph*!



Junco: I admit freely to love of things in nature, Miss –

Inigo: Um, her name is Tabitha –

Tabitha: And don’t you forget it! Not that I want you hangin’ around long enough so you have to use it! **shakes fist**



Tabitha: Why oh WHY does Ms. Beamlette keep lettin’ in these pointy-eared freaks? **furiously waving arms** Like there aren’t ENOUGH freaks here already!!! I gotta go give her a PIECE of my MIND!!! **exits**

Junco: High-strung child, is she not?

Inigo: Yes… and speaking of things strung, pray you shall not have to hear her play that stringed instrument they call the banjo *shudder*.



Inigo: I had best go find Ms. Beamlette before Tabitha does, to mitigate some of this furor. She is the mistress of the house, and although she well knows Tabitha’s, um, temperment, it would be wise for me to inform her of your visit. My apologies for leaving you alone –

Junco: No worry, dear Inigo. This is an otherwise restful room. Besides, I trust you to pave the way for my eventual presentation to your housemistress. Best we do this gradually.

**Inigo exits**

Zimta: **from other room** Hear we correctly another ELF in our house is -- ?



Junco: That I am – and who inquires? I have also heard there are Elves already dwelling herein.

Zimta: Elves are we also, in this house living. Zimta I am called, and Hibou my friend is. Join you if we may –

Junco: Pray, do, and tell me of yourselves; I enjoy meeting other kith and kin, so far from home. My name is Junco.



Zimta: A Mold Elf am I, a race humble. Know I that other Elves doth have regard low for my kind. Forward you may find me, but quietly proud am I of our folk. Mold is necessary for life, is it not?

Junco: So true, that humble things underpin all. I have heard of your people, and while there are those of the Alar who disdain others, I prefer to keep an open mind. There is so much in the world to fascinate and interest one, do you not agree?

Hibou: (quietly to self) *hooo-ooooo-ooooooo*…



Zimta Speak you of interest, there is aught more interesting than friend Hibou! In the same forest dwelt we. Came she to live here, I could not but follow, for feared I that she might ill-used be. This happily was not so; live we both most cheerfully under the roof of Mistress Beamlette!

Junco: Hmmm… **strokes Hibou’s feathers**  A touching story of friendship…

Hibou: *hooo*-friend-good-is-Zimta-… -yes-*hoo-hoo*.



Junco: Yes… it is apparent to me that your friend has a different way of, hm, comporting herself than any other Elf I have ever encountered –

Zimta: Oh, aye! Like an owl is she, and never a finer hunter in their way ‘tis there. Seen I how she with patience great stalks and pounces morsels fine. Share we feasts many and fresh, in our woods native.

Hibou: *hoooooooooooo*…



Junco: And how did Hibou acquire these skills – she must have learned them at an early age, to be so thoroughly adept. It is most curious, don’t you think?

Zimta: Ohhhh… ‘tis a tale obscure… know I not the particulars. Always has she been this way, since when we met. ‘Twas owls raised her up, told it was to us…

Hibou: *hoo-hoo*…



**sound of a great RUSH of wings**

Zimta: OH! Found something tasty, has she!

Junco: Extraordinary… no time to pity the poor creature, is there?



Junco: *looking down* What charming footwear, Zimta. They look marvelous comfortable, as well.



Zimta: Truly they are – made for me by friend Shakkyo, with skill fine and clever as he possesses. Many pair has he gifted me; present you with a pair pretty, if you desire!

Junco: Your generosity where such a special gift is concerned touches me. This must be a remarkable friendship, and this Shakkyo.



Zimta: Remarkable IS he! Posesseth he skills refined, to maketh slippers and tsurus  that give luck, and tiny trees cultivated that tsurus  have a home. Yet also STRONG is he, whether to lead an uma  to homeland new, or a contest of wrestling almost win. And like a LION is his face! So proud – yet so kind… someday again will I see him… *smile*.

Junco: A stirring description… I hope that indeed you will see him again…



Junco: Dear Zimta – you have surely opened my eyes to other of our kind that I knew not before. I would very much like to count you as a friend, if you are willing. Yours is as good a heart as any I have met in all my recent travels *smile*.

Zimta: Count me, do – and shall I happily call you friend Junco. Never enough friends can one have, say I.



Junco: *to self* Ah, Sanar… though this errand was on your account, it appears I may have found something else I have been looking for… most fortunate!



I know Junco appears a shady character, but trust me, she really isn’t a villain.


Returning to Yoshi and his obsession with Fenchurch. Now he tries a direct approach…


You Can’t Always Get What You Want…



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