Good Little Children Have Santa;

 Bad Little Demons Have…

Posted October 31, 2011




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****The Headless Horseman!****


Headless Horseman: So, little demon girl, what can I do for you this fine Halloween, hmm?

Young Fabien: I want in on the candy distribution thing! Control the supply, and I can make anyone do ANYTHING I want! So, how about it, Jack?



Headless Horseman: No can do, little wicked bit; besides, you aren’t the first one to ask for that deal – and doubtless you won’t be the last. Anything else in mind?

Young Fabien: Huh… guess I shoulda known… nawwww, that was my one and only shot –

Headless Horseman: I have a suggestion… how about a little smoocheroo for an old pumpkin, hmmmm?



Young Fabien: In your DREAMS, Jack – I HATE pumpkin! Yeccccch! Besides, it’s sorta pervy – I oughta report you.

Headless Horseman: Awwww… that hurt my feelings, y’know? The “hate pumpkin” part, that is… pervy, not so much *mwahaha!*


(The Headless Horseman belongs to ZoZ’s Sheri in OR – thanks for the photo op, Sheri!)



Even if Young Fabien had asked for just a toy or piece of candy, I doubt she would’ve gotten it from that old pumpkinhead!


Thanksgiving, and November in general zoomed on by without note, but Christmas 2011 merited some festivity, starting with the decor –



My Christmas Decor, Focused on the BJDs, of Course



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