Which Witch is Which?

Posted October 31, 2011




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Lenore, being the professional model that she is, obliged me with a go at a witch’s costume –


Lenore: *ahem* Disregard the safety pins – I had to improvise with what I was given –

Me: Not to worry, you do make a very good witch – not that I mean you ARE one – ermmm, sorry…



Lenore: Nothing to be sorry about, sweetie – it’s not like I haven’t heard THAT before *cackle*! Though I’m holding you to that promise about a pitcher of martinis *snort* –

Me: A small price to keep you happy, dearie – trust me!



Then there’s the Real Deal, Beitris Wishart, who studied witchcraft at her grandmother’s knee…


Beitris: Hmmmm, if I read the signs aright, ‘tis time for All Hallows Eve. Hear the rustle of crows’ wings; see the frost on the pumpkin…



…And so I dress for the occasion **flourishes hand** – though there seems to be something missing, eh?



…Ah yes, the chapeau! Tradition demands it. And now I bid you adieu, for there is much witching to be done *wink*!


Happy Halloween 2011 to everyone!



Besides witches, it’s a holiday for other terrors, such as demons like Young Fabien –



Good Little Children Have Santa; Bad Little Demons Have...



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