My Christmas Décor,

Focused on the BJDs, of Course...

Posted December 22, 2011




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Like last year, I hosted my doll club party, which compelled me to put up my fake tree as a backdrop to the resins’ antics. The staging area is my former dining room-turned photo studio (who gives dinner parties anymore?)…


The view as you walk past, heading to the living room –



and stop to look...



Santa Blackie presides again, with Zimta subbing for Elfride, and Sister Angela keeping an eye on the wayward Washi at Blackie’s knee. Who’s come to talk to Santa this year?



Young JB: Heya, cutie, wanna join me on Santy’s knee, tell him yer list? I bet you’ve been good this year, heheh

Young Persephone: **waves hand dismissively** Firstly, I do NOT believe in Father Christmas, no matter the alias he chooses to operate under. Secondly, I have NO interest in sitting on the knee of one stranger, with yet ANOTHER stranger!



Pèlerine:Ippolyte, why do you ‘ide behind me like that? Don’t you want to talk to Père Noël?

Young Hippolyte: Ouimaismais…’e scares me! I should to ‘ave written ‘im a letter, instead *shudder* –



Birdy Pèlerine: *softly* squeeeet-squeeet! **flaps wings**



Myrtle: #$&@! At this rate, I’ll be here until New Year’s, waitin’ to talk to olSanty *grumble*…



Zimta: Nice you must be if candy from me you desire! Oh, and if Santy you wish to see *wags finger* –



Buddha Girl: Yeh, you get outta line, an’ we put you back in it – ‘WAY back!

Angry Sparrow: We Santy’s muscle dis year –

Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes… it’s our way of earning our keep, and our presents…ooooh



Santa Blackie: Ho-ho-ho, kids, anytime ya decide ya wanna tell me yer Christmas lists… sheesh, Ms. Angel, I’m feelin’ like a comedy club reject here!

Sister Angela: Just ignore the crickets… they’re good luck, you know… *hums*.



Tiddlywink: Quit your whingeing, big guy – at least you aren’t tied to a simulated treetop for the duration! Not that I’m complaining – the view’s spectacular *wink*.



More merriment to come...



**~Santa BABY~** – er, Blackie!



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