Allegra in pursuit of her Holy Grail

Posted  December 7, 2006




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Chance: Oh -- Allegra -- is there something you're looking for? I'm almost done done here dressing Maeby for day care.
Allegra: Um, no -- no... I -- I just wanted to ask you --
Maeby: Don' buckle my shoe TOO tight, bro'ver!



Allegra: I -- I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed babysitting Maeby the other evening, and -- and if you ever needed me again, I'd be REALLY happy to --
Chance: Oh, yeah, sure, Allegra -- that'd be swell, really. I've been wanting to ask out Wynnefred again, and that'd be a BIG help. Sorry, I've gotta hurry now -- we're gonna be late for day care and school --
Maeby: Oh 'Legra -- can we draw pi'tures again?
Allegra: Sure, sweetie -- all the pictures you want!



Allegra: **to self** Maybe someday soon you'll ask ME out... *smile*

Later that afternoon, after school... Oona, like the kindly "den mother" that she is, has taken her boyfriend's sister under her wing and includes her in her group of gal pals...



Oona: Dear Allegra here wants some advice on finding a boyfriend!
Dorothy: (the saucy redhead) Well, first things first -- you have to go WHERE they are -- even if it means sports and such -- ew!



Natsumi: Or sometimes it just sort of happens. I met David just because I was at Oona's house when he walked by -- HE introduced himself *giggle*
Allegra: That sounds nice...



Demelza: Or maybe they're your brother's friend. I asked Neville if he would introduce me to Beckham. Of course I DID have to pester him before he finally did it!
Dorothy: If we left it up to brothers, NO ONE would ever get together! *snerk*



Oona: *giggle* But I don't see you with any lack of dates, Dorothy!
Dorothy: Yeah, but boy do I have to WORK at it! They are SO not kidding when they say a woman's work is never done -- !



Beckham: **takes her arm** C'mon, Demelza, let's go –

**all heads swivel in his direction**

Demelza: Oh -- yes, Beck –



Demelza: We've got to study for that history exam -- see y'all tomorrow!

Beckham: Yeah, see ya around –



Oona: She's SUCH a lucky girl –

Natsumi: -- They make a cute couple –

Allegra: -- Yes... they do...

Dorothy: "STUDY" -- the BEST excuse -- *snicker*



Oona: See you all tomorrow -- **waves**

Natsumi: Sure, Oona -- bye!
Dorothy: **to Natsumi** What a girl does for her boyfriend -- wish Oona wouldn't bring that little girl around with her... *frown*



Oona: My friends sure do have some advice about boyfriends, don't they? Especially that Dorothy -- !
Allegra: Yes... they do... although... I think I've found one -- I just need to know HOW to make him mine...



Oona: Hon, I KNOW who it is you like -- BUT -- he HAS a girlfriend already, that he likes a lot. I don't want you to waste your time moping around after something you can't have. You really should look around more -- like in your classes. There's another boy out there for you -- I know it.

Allegra: *sigh* I guess...



Allegra: **thinks** But I know which boy I REALLY want... and I can make him like me, too -- I know it!...



 This story contained the debut of Oona’s school social circle: Natsumi (briefly seen at Thanksgiving dinner), Demelza and her boyfriend Beckham, and Dorothy – who to my surprise established herself as something of a b*tch!


Hibou finally made up her mind which suitor she wanted – Imriel – and made this heartfelt plea to him:


*wwwhooooo...* -IM-reeee-elllllllll



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