Hiro, glad to see you survived

your meeting with Draculina

Posted March 23, 2006




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Fenchurch: Unfortunately it looks like she’s the one with the worries now.   


I was wondering if you’ve heard of geocaching. I used to go looking for them with my cousins in Arizona. You check for location coordinates online, then go find them out in the field with a handheld GPS.



Fenchurch: Some caches have a log book, and little things like tiny plastic toys – you take one, and leave one in return. The last time I went, I brought back this chicken –

Angry Sparrow: Hey, TALL girl!



Fenchurch: Hey there, Angry Sparrow. What’s up?

Angry Sparrow: Want dat chicken – my sisters COMING – need dat chicken!



Fenchurch: Sure, squirt – you can have the chicken.

Angry Sparrow: Not squirt – SPARROW. Gimme chicken.



Angry Sparrow: MY chicken now – MINE.

Fenchurch: Heehee, I wasn’t going to take it away – I’m not an Indian giver.



Angry Sparrow: Gonna hide it til my sisters get here.

Fenchurch: Don’t forget where you put it. And say hi to your sisters for me.



Angry Sparrow: An’ don’ YOU take my chicken! It for my sisters! Hmph!



Fenchurch: Ooo that Angry Sparrow – I don’t think the squirrel would’ve stood a chance if he had tried to snatch her.


Anyway, if you’re interested in geocaching, let me know.


Your friend,




Hiro replied that same evening, and asked if his houseguest Rhodry, a half-elf (owned by Clara Abrams) could come with them. He also asked after her injured foot, and if the ring she wears is a star sapphire. Fenchurch’s replies in:


Again, Hiro, all the love and affliction you inspire



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