Angry Sparrow did a little traveling while >>>

Posted March 20, 2006




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waiting for her sisters to arrive.


She played in the sand at Carmel River State Beach

Angry Sparrow: It COLD here – hmph!



And took note of other birds in Carmel

Angry Sparrow: They’s big FAT birds!



Saw the iconic pine on Monterey Peninsula

Angry Sparrow: What so special ‘bout dat tree?



And communed with local wildlife…

Angry Sparrow: What YOU lookin’ at?



On to Disneyland, to see Chip’n’Dale

Angry Sparrow: Why do I hafta look in the sun?



And Minnie Mouse…

Angry Sparrow: We gots STYLE.



And Dumbo.

Angry Sparrow: Aw whatta gyp – he don’ FLY.


Then there was a BJD gathering – a wild affair filled with doll drugs and drink (hence the crapalicious picture quality).

Angry Sparrow: Who dese big FREAKS?



Angry Sparrow: Dat’s RAVEN anna boy toy.



Angry Sparrow: Dis is Chloe an’ Arianna. Dey’s MY size.



The worlds of the Tinies and the Big Kids intersect in the next story, and nothing would ever be the same…


Hiro, glad to see you survived your meeting with Draculina



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