Again, Hiro, all the love and affliction you inspire

Posted March 23, 2006




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What IS it about you?   Thanks for asking about my foot – it’s back to normal.   Ready for some hiking.

Ah, you know your gemstones. My mom gave me this ring. She’s a gemologist, and also a dealer in colored gemstones. She goes directly to the mines, in Asia, Africa and South America. One time she brought back an authentic poison arrow blowgun.


Yes, Rhodry can come too – I’d like to meet him. His elf eyes probably work as well as any GPS.



Rhodry, however, slyly begged off going! And you’ve noticed the change of wig for Fenchurch, which lasted for about three weeks. I just felt like trying something different for her, and Aisy got a kick out of bringing it to Hiro’s attention, asking him if he didn’t think she looked fetching, much to his embarrassment.


Hiro was still in a fizz over Draculina, so Fenchurch offered to protect him, using her Japanese sword, which she learned how to use from Frank in WA’s Happydoll Dorothy, Mercedez, who is a vampire hunter. While Hiro admired her sword, he declined her offer of protection and didn’t want anyone really hurting Draculina, who is also the sister of his friend Rhodry. So Fenchurch responded:


Speaking of “Protect and Serve,” Hiro >>> posted March 25, 2006.


That’s ALL I had in mind vis-à-vis Draculina. I certainly wouldn’t want to harm Rhodry’s sister. Just keep her off your back, neck, whatever.

Still, this sword business is rather fun – just showing off after my lesson from Mercedez.


Your friend,




Family reunions are always touching, and the Sparrow Sisters’ was no exception in:


At Last The Great Day Arrives



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