Hyacinth Hears a Headache!

Posted February 27, 2011




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This started as a swan song for Hyacinth 1.0, as she has gone to a new home, and been replaced by another DT girl sculpt…


I’ve had this House of Troy gown for ages, and felt the urge to dress up Hyacinth 1.0 in it, before she moved on to her new guardian…



A little “mood” lighting, to capture her SDink face-up for posterity…



Looks like we have some company!



Hyacinth: Hmmm… what are they doing there? –



(“They” are Little Nigella, with the braids; Maeby, with the black hair; Frida, with the bunny ears.)


Little Nigella: So you not gonna tell us you secret, Maeby?

Maeby: Um… I can’t

Frida: S’not a SECRET if you tell it *snicker*!



Hyacinth: – and WHAT are they up to? Almost like a coven of little witches – hmph!



Frida: Let’s play “Ring Around the Rosie” – c’mon! *tugs*

Little Nigella: I’ll start – Ring around the ro-sie

Maeby:Pocket full of po-sies

Frida: Ashes, ashes! –

Maeby: But – I don’t wanna fall down!

Frida: I don’t neither – let’s just sing louder!

All Three:All fall DOWNNNN!



Hyacinth: Noisy little witches – *groan*…



Frida: Let’s sing it again! And dance harder! *swinging arms*

All Three: Ring around the rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down!



**dancing slower**

Little Nigella: I know another bit:

The cows are in the meadow
eating buttercups.

Thunder, lightening,
they all stand up!

Frida: *laughs* A cow’d look funny standing! Let’s all sing THAT!



All Three: The cows are in the meadow

eating buttercups.

Thunder, lightening,


Hyacinth: My HAIR is standing up! Positively on end… and aching to the roots *moan*.



Little Nigella: So… will you tell you secret NOW, Maeby?

Maeby: But – but it’s STILL a s’cret!



Little Nigella: I won’ stop askin’ ‘til you tell it, Maaaaaeby!

Frida: You real NOSY, N’gella – *singing* nosy, rosy ‘Gelly!



Little Nigella: I’m NOT nosy – I’m curious, which is nicer.

Frida: Oh, you nice, but you still nosy-rosy – like my pet bunny, haha!

Little Nigella: Better a bunny than a cow! But I still wanna know Maeby’s secret.



Maeby: Nuh-uh. I – I promised I wouldn’ tell –



Little Nigella: Who you promise?

Maeby: I – I promised my bro’ver, my big bro’ver – cross my heart!

Frida: That’s a real promise!



Little Nigella: But did you pinky-swear? Not a real truly-true promise if you didn’ do that, too!



Frida: Eh, crossin’ you heart JUST as good as pinky-swear!

Little Nigella: Nuh-UH! Pinky-swear is BETTER!

Frida: NO! Heart-crossin’s BETTER!

Little Nigella: PINKY-SWEAR!!!!



Hyacinth: I’m about to do some swearing, and it does NOT involve pinkies – #$@%&!!!



Needless to say, Hyacinth 1.0 gladly moved on!!!


Life isn’t exactly a bed of roses for Hyacinth 2.0, either…



Faithless and Begorrah-fied!



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