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Posted March 8, 2006




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That Waramon guy has been dogging my every move. I turn around, and there he is.



He’s good-looking, in a decadent sort of way, but still, -- he creeps me out most of the time…



Fenchurch: *EEP!*

Waramon: I see you’ve got the newspaper. Shall we read it together in this cozy chair?...





Fenchurch: I prefer to read it ALONE!

Waramon: *OW*  Oh – ouch -- !




Waramon: oh – OW – ouch – OW…



Fenchurch: Thanks, Tournai. Your rolled-up newspaper method is both simple AND effective. I highly recommend it.

Waramon: Ooh – oh – oh – baby – do – it – again -- *



The next evening I ran Fenchurch’s third story:


Oona said I really need a new dress,



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