Hmmm… Chance is torn between >>>

Posted March 7, 2006




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Politely leaving things up to Wynnefred’s feelings –OR- giving in to a sudden primal urge to go medieval on Hiro’s ass…



Although he didn’t blame Chance for feeling that way, Hiro explained that he was in dreaming state, and never intended to kiss Fred. Hiro much preferred to be Chance’s friend. Chance was still feeling hurt, and responded:


Mmm, Kazuhiro – what would YOU do if you were in my shoes? >>>


Not that I’m passing on your offer of friendship. And the urge to pound you has passed.   But – what WOULD you do?


Finally Chance calmed down, and ran this thread:


Wynnefred and Kazuhiro, I apologize for being such an ass >>>


last night. It takes a while to get back down off a high horse.   I’d much rather be friends with you.


Um, Wynnefred, would you like to go to a movie on Saturday? I know a theatre that’s still showing “Pride and Predjudice.”



Tournai’s rolled-up newspaper helped inspire Fenchurch’s second story:


Ever since I got here, that Waramon guy has been



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