An evening alone

Posted  December 10, 2006 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: *hums off key*



Fenchurch: Mmmm, aren't we lucky that everyone's out of the house right now. *smooch*



Hiro: Mmmmhmmm... almost never happens....

Fenchurch: Mmmmm... how did you do it? ...can't all be luck...



Hiro: The stars must be in just the right alignment or something... *shudder*... Oooh...that is SO nice...



Fenchurch: I'll just have to keep kissing you 'til you 'fess up, then... I just know you had something to do with it...
Hiro: Then I will NEVER confess, Madame Espionne, no matter HOW many times you kiss me... I plan to take advantage of every minute that everyone else is gone...



Hiro: Mmmmmmmm...



Fenchurch: ...And just how much advantage... ? Not that I want to be a killjoy, but... we may need some ground rules here first. **looks him in the eyes**

Hiro: Um... huh? What?



Fenchurch: *sigh* Hiro, I like you... SO much. I never, EVER want to hurt you. I like it when you kiss me. But it's a slippery slope we're headed for if we keep going like this right now. You know what I mean.
Hiro: Well, I DO get the impression that you like kissing me. But... I just can't help it. After a while, I feel like I want more. Don't you?



Fenchurch: Oh YES, yes, I feel it too. *smiling* However -- let me put it to you this way -- crazy as I am about you, and cute as he would be, I am SO not ready for a little Hiro! We've got to think this through first.



Hiro: A little HIRO?? *wryly* Fenchurch, we're living in the twenty-first century. There are ways around that, you know...



Fenchurch: And that's what I mean about thinking this through -- IF we should go that far. Which way to pick. And we pick it together. No misunderstandings or assumptions.
Hiro: Okay... I understand. Sometimes... I guess it's NOT a good idea to be spontaneous.



Fenchurch: Sad, but true. **a little pause** Want to go for a walk?
Hiro: Sure... it'll give us a chance to talk this over, and er... cool off a little bit. And... maybe we can see how we feel about this a little later?

Fenchurch: You betcha. Hurry, while it's still light out!

Hiro: Fenchurch... wait a minute. Kiss me first?



Hiro: You are so worth it...



Fenchurch prevails as the voice of reason, and Hiro takes it pretty well.


Getting into the holiday mood, Chance also wishes Wynnefred a happy birthday (galatia9 received her at Christmastime 2005):


Happy Birthday, Wynnefred



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