Happy Birthday, Wynnefred

Posted December 22, 2006 by Chance




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Chance: I didn't know your birthday was so close to Christmas

Maeby: Oh bro'ver, i'nt th' twee pweddy?



Chance: Now when I look at the Christmas tree, I think of you...

Maeby: Dey's *big* apples...

...And I think of last weekend, when we got to see each other at Ms. Clara's in Oregon...






Chance: Just being with you was my best Christmas present... EVER.

Maeby: Awww... uh-huh.



Chance: Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Wynnefred


With love from

Your Chance





Oh, Chance.... *sigh*...>>>

Posted by Wynnefred on December 22, 2006



Yes, my birthday is tomorrow, but I already got my present...



In fact, I got it last weekend, when I got to spend that precious time with YOU.

Say hello to everyone for me, especially Oona, Fenchurch, Tabby and Maeby... but of course I think of you most of all.


Your darling




Waramon, that sexy beast, had an encounter with the notorious Black Violet at a BJD meet-up in Oregon the week before Christmas, and here is the result:


When worlds collide Black Violet and Waramon meet



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