When Worlds Collide

Black Violet and Waramon meet

Posted December 23, 2006




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Black Violet: Well hello there, tall, pale and handsome. Fancy seeing you here.
Waramon: Just as I intended. I find it makes for quite the bit of fun. And I must say, you do not disappoint *wink*
Black Violet: So far, I can say the same for you. That's some get-up you have on.
Waramon: Well, I did wish to look distinctive for our first tryst. Shall we retire to a more comfortable nook?



Waramon: Now isn't this better, my pet? I don't want to tire those lovely legs of yours -- graceful stems to support a rare blossom like you.
Black Violet: My, my so thoughtful. Let's see if you can turn my head like you do a phrase.



Black Violet: Far be it from me to lecture on etiquette, but isn't it about time you took off your hat in the presence of a lady? Or would you like me to knock it off for you?
Waramon: By all means, knock it off -- it would make for a charming opening salvo to our dalliance.



Black Violet: Down to business, I say. Besides, now I can run my fingers through your goldilocks without your silly hat, boy. Pucker up.
Waramon: M-hm...



...Waramon turns on his patented hypnotic gaze, known to melt even the most substantial knickers off many a love interest...


Black Violet: ****!

Waramon: Mmmmm...



...Closing the deal...



Black Violet: Mmmm... ! (Eat yer heart *out*, Jersey BOY ><)



Black Violet: Okay, time's up, here's your hat, what's your hurry, hon. **points the way out**
Waramon: If you insist, my impetuous one. Say the word, and I *will* return...



Black Violet: WORD! Gotcha, sweetcheeks!
Waramon: What! Oh, you ARE a minx -- shall we continue to dally, out of the view of these pesky paparazzi?
Black Violet: Seeing as how there are those infernal Board rules -- YES!


And off they went, leaving no forwarding address...


Dim cinema verite pics by beamlette, tabloid shots by Ange


Fenchurch had returned home, and on impulse I took her for an outing with friends just before Christmas, which she shows us in this photostory:


My little day-before-Christmas-Eve outing



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