Does Chance have a *chance* with Wynnefred?

Posted June 27, 2006




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Chance: *sigh* (to himself) Wynnefred's home again... I should be happy... And I AM, but –



Chance: ...I want to ask her something that I should've before she had to suddenly go to Japan. I don't want to let it get by this time, now that I've got a second chance... but...



Oona: Chance, dear, why're you just sitting there? There's things to do to get ready for Wynnefred!
Chance: OH! You startled me -- I was just thinking about that. Honest I was. I'm -- just -- um...
Paladin: Yeah, man, you've got to get with the program if you're gonna get the girl.



Oona: I'm so glad Wynnefred didn't forget about you -- she's a really sweet girl. But you can't just sit there and expect everything to come to you. Paladin and I can help, and we will --
Paladin: Yeah, bud -- we'll help, especially Oona -- she's good at this sort of thing.



Oona: To start with, you've got to change your clothes. You must look a little more serious, or I don't think Tournai will let you in the door! Paladin and I think this plain white shirt and gray pants is a safe bet.
Chance: Um, yeah -- ! Sure, you're right -- I should know -- I CAN'T go in these shorts... oh god, that's right -- Tournai ***



Oona: Now, Chance, don't get discouraged. You made a good impression earlier on, not keeping her out too late, taking her to appropriate movies, and giving her those Jane Austen DVDs. I mean, you didn't act like Mister Hot Stuff, I'm sure!
Chance: Well, yeah -- that did go over okay before... I guess it's not like it's the first time... hmmm...



Oona: Invite her to come here. I think everyone would like to see her, and then I'll make sure you have some time to yourselves to talk without interruptions, like TABITHA! I promise!
Chance: Yes -- no Tabitha -- or Waramon, or GOBNAIT *shudder*



Chance: (thinking) Yes... some time to OURSELVES. I know I can tell her this time -- I KNOW it!



Meanwhile, Hiro and Fenchurch come to an understanding in:


Hiro’s Birthday Present



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