Mice in the cupboard?

No, itís SPARROWS!

Posted June 26, 2006




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Hmmm, it's Malfoy, Tabitha's "sweetie," who likes to draw. Wonder what he's doing today...



Awww, it's a portrait of you-know-who



Shulamith: Hi, Malfoy **smile** It's nice to see you. Oh, you know how to draw --
Malfoy: Uh -- m-hm...



Shulamith: Oh, isn't that cute -- it's a picture of Tabitha! You really are very talented --
Malfoy: Mm, uh-huh... if you say so...



Shulamith: Do you think you could draw a picture of *me*? I'd really like that --
Malfoy: Uh, -- NO. I gotta go now.



Shulamith: Oh, do you *really* have to go now? Maybe you could draw me later on today -- ?
Malfoy: Uh-huh. Gotta go... find Tabby...



Shulamith: **slumps in chair** HUH. What is it with him and her? I usually don't have THIS much trouble with guys. D*mn...



**sounds of tiny voices**
Shulamith: Huh -- I hear little voices... sounds like... they're coming form the cupboard... Hmmm...



"dat big STOOPID girl..."
"...yeh, she BIG stoopid..."
" yes, that big stupid TABITHA..."
Shulamith: Ahhh -- so Tabby has some enemies *smile*



Shulamith: **opening cupboard doors** Did I hear you little girlies talking about a TABITHA?
Sparrow Sisters: YEH! Who you?



Buddha Girl: Yeh, she big STOOPID girl who keep gettin' in OUR way. She big nuisance.
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, she do tings to us.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh, she's done TERRIBLE things to us... we don't LIKE that...



Shulamith: I know this Tabitha. I thought she was okay, but I didn't know she was mean to little girlies like YOU!
Buddha Girl: Yeh, she try to catch us, make us drunk --
Angry Sparrow: She make us BARF.
Tragic Plum: And she TP'ed our tree AND left the toilet seat UP!



Shulamith: Well, this is really terrible; I didn't know she was so wicked. I'd like to help you little girlies, if you want --
Buddha Girl: Eh, we do it ourselfs, but... maybe we need BIG girlie of our OWN!
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, our OWN big girlie.
Tragic Plum: Oooh, I think it's come to THAT... ooooh...



Shulamith: Now isn't THIS a lucky stroke! I LIKE it when what I want is what someone else wants too -- makes me feel a little NOBLE, even *hahaha*



Dear Chance gets some good news, although it puts him into a tizzy in:


Does Chance have a *chance* with Wynnefred?



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