Bonsai of the Vanities, Part II

Posted August 22, 2006




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**just minding its own business**



Tancredi: Regarde -- ze lee-tle tree of ze Sparrow Soeurs. You know zat I was accused of draping ze papier de toilet on eet?

Waramon: And DID you, brother dear?



Tancredi: Non! Eet was not *moi*.
Waramon: And so you did not leave the seat up, either *chuckle*.




Tancredi: Sacre bleu!



Waramon: Ah, the delightful scent of burning juniper -- it puts me in the mood for a gin-and-tonic.

Tancredi: You Een-gleeshes and your barbaric drinks. Wine ees the on-lee civilized alcohol.



Sparrow Sisters: AAAAAHHHH!!! Our TREEEE!!!

Tancredi: All ees not lost, lee-tle bir-dees. Time for ze MARSH-MALLOWS.



Buddha Girl: Eh, well, it time for dessert, anyway.
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, sum'pin sweet.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh, do you think we should have S'MORES... ?


The End... for now.



I have plans for my Souldoll Littles, Paolo and Francesca, but I keep putting them off.  They did weigh in with this little piece:


Ms. Beamlette left us living on her study shelf



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