Like a proverbial bad penny, you show up

Posted October 11, 2006 by Fenchurch




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Easton: Long time, no see, little sister.

Fenchurch: Never long enough, in my book.



Easton: Your Ms. Beamlette invited me to stay for a while. Mighty hospitable of her, doncha think?

Fenchurch: She has a weakness for strays.



Easton: Is that so? C'mon, aren't you a little glad to see me?

Fenchurch: As glad as I am when I see our father -- which is next to never. Never being preferable. Not that dad -- or you -- ever give that any mind. You're two of a kind.

Easton: Haha -- if you mean charm and good looks, yeah, then I'm a chip off the old blockhead *grin*.



Easton: Speaking of looks, you're no slouch now. I remember when you were a kid -- looked like a dandelion, with that white curly hair. It's a pity we're brother and sister -- you sure turned out well *wink*.



Fenchurch: Huh -- for ONCE I'm *glad* we're related **glare**.



Easton: Don't get your undies in a bunch, sis. I think there's plenty of other chicks around here for a magnet like me. I think I'm gonna like it.

Fenchurch: Suit yourself. Like dad, you probably won't be here long -- just enough to stir up the anthill. It'll just seem like forever.



Easton: I just got here. And I've got all the time in the world...



Easton isnít the only one anticipating a good time:


*Giggle* this is soooo funny



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