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Posted October 13, 2006 by Oona




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-- and SO cute! That Imriel! Hibou, come see this! Besides, you shouldn't be tormenting the Sparrows' pet chipmunk. They're vexed enough with you.

Hibou: *hooooooo*? -so-pale-... -dove-is-HE?
Oona: Imriel is an *elf*, dear -- a full-blooded one too, I understand. And he seems to be quite smitten with *you*!

Oona: Get this, dear -- he would even eat WORMS for you -- that's quite the romantic declaration!

Hibou: *wwwwwhoooooo* -tasty-are-worms-... -share-we-? *hhhoooo*

A little while later...

Oona: Ahhhh... there is *surely* something in the air. Hibou, come see THIS.
Oona: It appears someone else is setting whatever passes for a cap with them for *YOU*. How sweet, twice in one week!

Hibou: whoooooooo-issss-*heeeee*?

Oona: Well, I've heard it said he's a *lion* --

Oona: AWP! Hibou, I've told you a hundred times -- watch the talons, sweetie!

Hibou: *hoo*! -closer-look-Hibou-want- *hoohoo*

Hibou: *HOOOOO* -rats-has-HE-colors-three- *drooooooooooool*

Oona: Uh-oh -- better get you a tissue. Ms. Beamlette won't like spit all over her screen.
Hibou: *hoooooooooo* -rats-... -worms-... **preen**
Hibou: *woo-hooooooooo*...



As Oona says, whoda thunk the owl girl could be so popular of course her suitors are as, um, odd, as she.


We take a little detour into the love lives of Waramon and Gobnait, as they pursue their next conquest, in:


Jynxi, hon, time for that DATE



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