Hibou, we *really* need to discuss something

Posted October 9, 2006 by Oona




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Oona: Oh, Hibou, that was so thoughtless of me not to notice the other day -- you like Rhodry, don't you?

Hibou: *hooooooo*-handsome-so-is-heeeee...



Oona: Gosh, I'm sorry to tell you this -- but I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up. It just gets harder the longer it goes on. Asia DID accept Rhodry. I'm sorry...

Hibou: *w'hoooooooo*-with-Aaaasia-is-HE? *hooooooo*



Oona: Yes... I'm sorry. I know you like him. But sometimes we don't always get what we want -- um, Hibou, you're staring at the ceiling fan again -- please pay attention.

Hibou: *hooooooooooo*-noooooo-for-Hibou-no-rhoooo-dry-



Oona: Try not to be sad, Hibou. Maybe there was a good reason for it. Maybe you're not ready yet. There's still a LOT of things I have to teach you -- like wardrobe coordination, accessorizing, not swooping down on people, when NOT to use your talons, etc. etc....

Hibou: *woooooooo*-lessons-more-Hibou-use... *hoooooooo*



I think she let her down easy, don’t you?


An unexpected – and unwelcome – visitor comes back into Fenchurch’s life:


Like a proverbial bad penny, you show up



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