Alone at last!

Posted June 29, 2006 by beamlette and galatia9




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Oona: All right, everyone out -- let's give them a little time to themselves, shall we? You too, Maeby -- come along!
Maeby: Awww -- g'bye, Wyn'fwed! *wave*
Wynnefred: *waves back* Good-bye, Maeby, you little sweetheart!



Fred: It's nice seeing everyone again. I can't believe how big Maeby has gotten.
Chance: Yeah -- she's growing right along. Hope she doesn't turn into another Tabby!  Um, Wynnefred... I'm so glad you're back... I really missed you. I know I've said it before... but...



Fred: I missed you too, and I was glad you didn't forget me. And you're so sweet, Chance, not forgetting me either. That counts for something, doesn't it?
Chance: Yes... it's like, like I got a second CHANCE, uh, pardon the pun. *blush*



Fred: *giggles* Oh Chance, that was BAD! So bad it was funny!
Chance: Um, yeah, that WAS kinda funny, wasn't it? Anyway, seriously... before you left, there was something I wanted to talk about with you, something I wanted to ask.



Fred: You wanted to ask ME something? *smiles a little* Well... sure. Sure, Chance, you can ask me anything.



Chance: What -- what's your thoughts about boyfriends... Do you think you would want one... maybe now?
Fred: *blushes* Well... I can't say I haven't thought about it. Especially after I met you. You know, I've never had a boyfriend, but... you're the nicest boy I've ever met.



Chance: Would you -- would you be MY girlfriend, then? I know that didn't sound very clever, or real romantic, but...



Fred: WOULD I? *hugs him* I was hoping you would ask!! You're the most romantic boy EVER!



Chance: Oh -- GOSH! *head goes all spinny*... Wynnefred... you're wonderful... *sigh*



Fred: I am?? And all this time, I thought YOU were!



July started with a fashion show, hosted by Oona, and starring the visiting Wynnefred:


Wynnefred and Oona have some girly time



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