Master Glorfindel, if a Mold Elf humble

may make so bold… >>>

Posted January 13, 2007 by Zimta




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…to venture her observations upon your dilemma…



Great good fortune on my friend Hibou shone, that she plighted troth with Elf so fair – elf to elf, as you consider fitting…



…no Elf is my Friend Shakkyolion  more like is he. When first I laid eyes, naught else mattered…



and still doth not, as learn I do about his character fine, and many gifts of skill and wisdom he doth possess…



The point maketh I, Master Glorfindel, narrow not your sights, lest cheat yourself of person fine who shall complete you, be it Elf or mortal. Most it matters that happy for even time short, or time long –



Find you happiness YOURS!


With wishes fair for life journey yours –




Glorfindel graciously accepted her comments – only an ogre could turn a deaf ear to her sweet plea.


Meantime, at the goading of brother Waramon, we discover a hidden talent of Persephone’s –


With A Song In My, Um, *Heart*



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