With A Song In My, Um, *Heart*

Posted January 14, 2008




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**While Kenzo and Persephone tend to their laptops, Waramon gives off pretending to read Confessions of an Opium Eater, and hums distractedly**

Kenzo: **typing**Hey Kaida, I saw our little cosplay story last night… you bet I remember; it sure was fun doing that… and you look as pretty as always… I think you changed your hair, didn’t you?



…I know it’s been a while since we last saw each other, and I’m sorry we couldn’t spend Christmas together like we did last year… at least I think Persephone is over her thing about Fen’s cousin. She doesn’t mope; I think she writes to Pete, so that’s progress…



Persephone: **typing**Greetings, Peter… things have dropped back to their usual dull roar here, after the holidays and the unexpected arrival of my other half-brother, who caused quite a stir, least of which was his being AWOL from the seminary… unfortunately his appearance dredged up memories best left submerged, the like of which my brother Waramon, like a great floppy hound with a bone, will not let off teaseling…



Waramon: Persephone, you know I should be ever  so appreciative if you would humor me with this simple request –



Waramon: Please – pleasepleaseplease, little sister dearest – just this once, to cheer your naughty old brother. I am in desperate need of such lighthearted distraction that only you can provide -- pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Persephone: *sigh* But it is a bit of juvenilia I thought I had left behind… far, FAR behind…



Kenzo: **typing**Huh… wonder WHAT Waramon keeps bugging Persephone about, anyway… d’you think it’s obscene or anything?.. I mean, knowing Waramon…!



Persephone: Very well, then, I comply with your request – this ONCE, mind you, and never again. So do pay scrupulous attention.

Waramon: Oh goody, goody! I shall be as a camera, and commit it to the scrapbook of my memory, until erased by senility or being hit by a bus, whichever comes first!



Persephone: *clears throat* Gentlemen, I give you the theme song from the rather popular cult classic BBC series, “Red Dwarf” --

Oh – it’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere,

I’m all alone, more or less –



Let me fly far away from here

Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun –



I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose

Drinking fresh mango juice –



Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes – WOO! --

Waramon: OH! My favorite bit -- *giggle*.



Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

Fun, fun fun in the sun, sun, sun --

Thank you very much *tah-dah*.




Persephone: You will pay a dear price for your amusements, brother –


Waramon: OW! Such generosity – more, please – OW!



Kenzo: Who’d a’ thunk Perseph could sing like that? Learn something new here all the time, Kaida, I’m telling you –



Kenzo: See what you miss by not coming to visit ME?

Persephone: I warm to my task -- **THUMP** on this melon you call your head -- **THWACK**

Waramon: Ohhh, OW! Ohhh… it’s good of you to spare my face… OW! And I am a sweet, sweet honeydew, too… ouch!



This further piqued Jill in WV’s Pete, and he indulged in a little cosplay, as Ace Rimmer (what a guy!) from “Red Dwarf”, to make his comment on Persephone’s performance, asking her to, “Smoke him a kipper.” In turn, Persephone made him a sassy offer…


How could I refuse



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