A Waramon story,

With guest appearances by



Posted April 20, 2006




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Waramon: Well, well, our Guardian has invited some of my kin to live here. That was ever so kind of her, don’t you think?



Waramon: Firstly, let me introduce my cousin, Boudicca Gladwell, part-time Supermodel.

Boudicca: -- And full-time Eurotrash! As I drift from nightclub to resort to city – it is who I am, why hide it.



Boudicca: I am named for a warrior queen. And I take no prisoners.



Waramon: Sweet as ever, dear Boudicca. But you do have a prisoner – my heart, haha!

Boudicca: Ever the flatterer, dearest Waramon. It may get you everywhere…



Waramon: And a most special treat – meet my bastard half-brother, Tancredi, from the south of France.



Tancredi: An’ I al-wez thought of YOU as the bas-tard, mon frere **dirty French laugh**



Tabitha: Holy cr*p! Somebody’d better call the zoo and tell them the giraffes escaped!

Tancredi: An’ who ees these lee-tle girl?

Waramon: Just Tabitha – a salty morsel.

Boudicca: Oh dear – I’m really not fond of children, you know – my own or otherwise.



Tabitha: Tobacco didn’t stunt YOUR growth, did it?

Tancredi: Eh, lee-tle girl, I theenk you NEED eet!



Buddha Girl: Eh, we in California now! Is the REDWOODS!

Angry Sparrow: Dey too tall.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I can’t look – it gives me vertigo…



Tabitha: Uh-oh…

Tancredi: I see your guar-dian she does not believe een control of ze VER-MIN, no?



Angry Sparrow: You hear what dat big stilt say?

Buddha Girl: Eh, we show DEM!

Tragic Plum: Oh no, not AGAIN…





Angry Sparrow: Dat show DEM.

Buddha Girl: Dat make me hungry. Got some nice kimchee. We have wit chicken!

Tragic Plum: Yes, the chicken…



A couple days later, the weekend photo theme was The Boys. I coerced my lads into a photo-shoot (minus Kenzo, who had the misfortune to arrive the same day as Tancredi – more on that later) in:


My boys humored me and posed for a group portrait



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