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 Posted September 6, 2008 by beamlette & Jill in WV




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Zenny: *From another room* Peeeeeeeeeeete! Mom says get your butt out here!

Pete: *mumbling* Yeah right, Zenny, like Mom would say “butt.”



Persephone: Greetings, Peter.

Pete: Persephone! What are you doing here…? …I mean…



Pete: I mean… it’s great to see you. I wasn’t expecting to.

Persephone: That much is obvious.

Pete: So what’s the occasion?

Persephone: Nothing noteworthy. It seems my feet have a mind of their own, and exercised their power over my choice of destination this day, is all.



Pete: So I owe this visit to your feet, then… how long have they been operating independently? *chuckle*



Persephone: *sigh* That was most disingenuous of me, Peter – the culpability here lies not with my mode of locomotion – but a metaphysical portion of my anatomy –



Persephone: -- the root of which, indeed, is very much physical; primal, even –

Pete: You’re blaming biology now!

Persephone: Affirmative. It is said that biology is destiny. An oversimplification, I hasten to add; as we know, there are myriad factors involved in the process –



Pete: It is complicated… which makes it interesting… maybe we should try simplifying --

Persephone: I concur – shall we, then, forthwith –





Pete: If Biology Lab had been anything like that in high school, there’s no way I would ever have joined the Drama Department.

Persephone: A good instructor endeavours to inspire…



An apple for the teacher is in order here, all righty.


Dorothy and Smythe dine out -


Avert Your EYEs



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